'Environnement France Chine’ was founded with the aim of furthering the mutual understanding of the French and Chinese cultures and environmental law.

In France as in China, concern about the environment is at the heart of questions found in political and social areas as well as technical, legal and financial domains.

The appropriate legal instruments are essential. France has been a forerunner in the creation of environmental law since the 1970s and in China, as early as 1978, the State’s fundamental role regarding the protection of the environment was sanctioned by the Constitution.

Firms must conform to environmental “standards” and for these to be put into practice implies clear regulations and a precise designation of the competent authorities. The predictability and intelligibility of the rule of law thus constitutes the guarantee of its becoming known and, consequently, of its efficiency. This is the perspective which determines Environnement France Chine ‘s actions.


‘Environnement France Chine’ was founded following the recognition of two key points.

On one hand we realised there was a lack of understanding regarding the legal instruments applicable to the environment in both countries.

On another hand, it would be in our mutual interest to strengthen our existing co-operation.

As a consequence, great importance is attached to developing partnerships in both countries and notably to our privileged contacts with the Research Institute of Environmental Law (RIEL) in Wuhan, China.

We aim to bring together academics, company representatives, members of administrations, consultants, engineers, and lawyers, reflecting the multi-facetted nature of our objectives.


For 2013, ‘Environnement France Chine’ has set, as its annual topic, Biodiversity.

Simultaneously, ‘Environnement France Chine’ has made real its project of workshop, which takes the form of a practical and interactive case study.
This workshop aims to enable French companies based in China to gain an insight into the workings of the Chinese administration, the texts and the procedures likely to be applicable when setting up or expanding a business in China.
The inaugural session has been held in the last half of October 2011 in Wuhan.

In parallel ‘Environnement France Chine’ organises seminars in France enabling members to meet and discuss topics based on practical aspects regarding the environment from a French and Chinese point of view.

Members of our association are regularly informed of the progress of the projects and are invited to participate.

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